Frequently asked questions

What if it's raining?

Whist kayaking in the sun is always a bonus we can have just as much fun kayaking in the rain. The Cornish weather is often changeable, especially on the coast but by having shelter on the estuary and by having different routes available we will only need to postpone if we deem conditions to be unsuitable.

What if I fall in?

Our kayaks are stable sit on tops, meaning that accidental capsize is unlikely. We will stop somewhere and have the option of a swim, which is pleasant in our wetsuits. We demonstrate how to get back into our boats in sheltered, shallow water and suggest you give it a try. You can then paddle with confidence when you realise it’s quite easy to get back into your boat, and we are always on hand to assist.

We providee you with a buoyancy aid for your adventure and we recommend that you are able to swim at least 50m.

What do I need to bring?

Swimwear, towels and clothes for afterwards. Suncream (hopefully!)

What are the age limits?

Anyone from 8 years old upwards can participate. It is recommended that a parent paddle in a double kayak with any child under 13. All participants under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

How long will it last?

Allow between three and four hours in total. This allows for getting kitted up at base, a short drive to the launch site, lesson on the beach and a couple hours on the water. Longer kayak trips are available on request.

Can I bring a camera?

Yes provided it is waterproof and can float.

Where will we go?

The route we chose on the day will depend on the wind, tide and swell conditions.

There are many possible highlights as we have many routes we can take. Around the low tide we can head downstream past Rock and follow the sandbank down along Daymer bay. The view out to Pentire Point and the island is incredible. A good beach to stretch your legs on, from here we may navigate the Doom Bar and over towards Stepper point.

Around the high tides we can explore out to sea or up river towards Old Town Cove where we can paddle under the Camel Trail and perhaps the Iron Bridge. Or we may go past Dinham creek and towards Wadebridge town.